About Us

How Coffee Bitch Came About

Founders: Cal Miller-Stevens and Sam Stevens

Cal: I’m a true coffee lover. We were at a friend's house having dinner and after the meal our host said “I know you love your coffee, I hope mine’s good enough for you”. So my husband Sam said laughingly, “Yeah, she’s a coffee bitch!”.

Driving home we were talking about our dedication to improving the lives of pets and our love of coffee.

So we decided to combine the two! 

We also wanted to do something fun and sassy,
so that’s how Coffee Bitch came about!

Sam: At the time we were simply Miller Foods, a wholesale food distributor. People would come and buy cases of raw turkey necks, chicken necks, chicken backs and so forth. We never questioned them about it until one day we asked “what are you using them for?” thinking they were making soup or something. They said “No, I feed it to my dogs.” So that was a bit of a revelation because everyone has heard you shouldn’t feed chicken bones to animals or it will hurt them.  But that only applies to cooked bones, which hardens and brittles bone. Raw bone product is pliable and more easily digested.  If you think about it, canines and felines have been eating raw chicken for millennia without issue.  

When one of our family’s dogs, five year old Harley, was looking and acting like a very old dog, despite multiple medications and visits to the vet.  He had runny eyes, stinky ears, hot spots, dull coat, dirty teeth and was suffering from arthritis. We started feeding him some raw chicken and he began to improve. 

Being in the food industry already we began researching and speaking with animal nutrition experts, chemists, and regular people who had been feeding their pets raw foods.  We developed a formula combining raw chicken with organ meats and vegetables using only the finest ingredientsthe same quality food you’d eat in a restaurant, and started Harley on that formula. Within a couple of months eating our raw food diet he was acting like a puppy again!

That was the whole push to start Oma’s Pride—to produce product that was more natural to the diet of animals.

We began to get incredibly positive feedback from pet owners on how beneficial our products were for helping their pets. Our products were very successful and we were in a position to give something back. 

Giving Back

Cal: In the course of selling our products we were going to many dog shows and we’d run into a number of people who, on the side, were running dog shelters and who needed money to run those shelters. We would give some food and so forth, on our own, and then we came up with the idea of establishing a little non-profit that would enable us and others to help out these lesser known organizations.

Today Coffee Bitch contributes to many animal welfare organizations, from shelters to pet transport networks who bring animals from overfilled shelters to places where people are looking for pets to be adopted.