Looking for a bitching good coffee? You've found it here!

  • Sophisticated female dog wearing sunglasses and drinking coffee with a group of puppies around her feet.

Why "Coffee Bitch"?

Cal Miller-Stevens: I’m a true coffee lover. We were at a friend's house having dinner and after the meal our host said “I know you love your coffee, I hope mine’s good enough for you”. So my husband Sam said laughingly, “Yeah, she’s a coffee bitch!”.

Driving home we were talking about our dedication to improving the lives of pets and our love of coffee.

So we decided to combine the two! 

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We're Particular About Coffee!

We choose the finest Organic, Arabica beans, roast them in small batches and grind them to our own specifications. Then we package them in a recyclable, flavor preserving pouch and rush them to you for your enjoyment!